Why people hate Monday?

Here are some people said and Tweet on twitter that only you are not the struggle on Monday.
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Still on yesterday’s vibes 💐#mondaysuckshttp://t.co/7zDkVSUEzV
— grace musyawa muendo (@gmusyawa) January 15, 2018
 Tired already.  #mondaysuckspic.twitter.com/uWgncUAsid

— Chetan Sundarde (@CHETANSUNDARDE) January 8, 2018
you know that the day will go well when it’s still 10 and you’ve already spilt coffee all over your laptop, yeah, just great. Why are Mondays so hard? #MondayMorning #morecoffee #Mondaysucks
— Aphrodite (@Tsaballa) January 8, 2018
 I wish there was a 3 day weekend every week.. Saturday, Sunday, and Funday.. 
Jreedsy (@Jreedsy) January 7, 2018
Totally not ready for Monday 😣 Gonna watch some vines on @YouTube cause why not#ihatemondays
 — Cutie Puppy (@Cutie_Puppy2105) January 14, 2018

Monday is far more scared of you than you are of it. It’s like a spider. THE DAY OF THE SPIDERS.
Actually that sounds really scary. Forget we said anything.
— innocent drinks (@innocent) January 8, 2018

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